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New Video from LEE Filters: A Seven5 City Shoot With Craig Roberts!

Craig Roberts spends a day in London with a highly portable Compact System Camera and the LEE Seven5 Filter System. In this video, Craig demonstrates how easy it is to get creative in a busy city environment and walks you through several shots in detail using LEE Filters!

For more videos from LEE Filters, check out our YouTube Channel!

Many congratulations to all the winners and runners up in the 2014 USA Landscape Photographer of the Year contest. As proud sponsors we were thrilled to be part of this contest which saw thousands of submissions from the USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe!

The USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 top prize was awarded to Nagesh Mahadev, with his 3 images “Light of the Wild”, Reynold’s Wrap” and “Soul of the Ancients.”

To learn more about the story behind each of these photographs, and to view all the other winning images in each of the other categories, click HERE!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. We applaud all your creativity and captivating photography!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest product, The LEE Bug for the GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+!

Robust, tough and compact,the LEE Bug for GoPro expands the creative capacity of this revolutionary little camera.

Capable of capturing high definition movies and still images where other cameras fear to tread, it’s not suprising the GoPro has an avid following among adventure sports afficianados.

The LEE Bug for GoPro gives photographers and filmmakers even wider scope for creativity and control with a sturdy holder and a range of high quality, optically correct filters.

Two Filter Kits are currently available, whether you choose to be shooting from the edge of a mountain or deep under the sea!

The Action Kit comes with the LEE Bug holder • 0.9 ND Grad (3 Stops) • High quality glass polariser • Protective pouch • Cleaning cloth.

The Underwater Kit comes with LEE Bug holder • Blue Water filter (red) • Green Water filter (magenta) • Protective pouch • Cleaning cloth

Both filter sets are available for both the GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+!

To learn more, click HERE!

Did Matisse create an early version of a Swatch Book? Currently at the Tate Museum in London, the Matisse Exhibit features the French artist’s  final era of his career in which he began “carving into colour” and creating his series of spectacular “cut-outs.” Matisse would keep off-cuts of colour “swatches” that he later used for colour reference (examples of his “swatches” seen inside the glass cabinet.)

Have you had the chance to download the new LEE Swatch App yet?

The basics of reviewing colours and making palettes are super-simple, but there’s also a lot of additional features we thought you’d find handy. Here’s one to get you started!

 LEE Swatch App: How To View Colours Full Screen

1. Tap a colour you’ve selected to view the technical details.

2. Tap the swatch sample to make it full screen.

3. Enjoy! (or slide to change to the next colour).

4. Tap the cross to close the colour.

To download the LEE Swatch App directly to your iPhone, click HERE

We are proud to announce the launch of the LEE Swatch iPhone App available NOW from the Apple Store, featuring our complete range of lighting filters at your fingertips, as well as several of the most popular tools from our website including the Gel Comparator, The Colour Temperature Calculator, and Diffusion Finder, redesigned for ease of use on an iPhone.

Join Landscape Photographer Jeremy Walker, and LEE Filters for an exciting photography workshop in October in Wales, UK. For all the details and sign up form, click HERE!

A Behind the Scenes look at our newest video, coming soon from LEE Filters. Professional landscape photographer Jeremy Walker shows Debbie, a keen amateur photographer, how using LEE Filters helps to improve your photography. Stay tuned!

Why do you use LEE Filters? That’s a question we posed to several leading Landscape Photographers including Paul Gallagher, Charlie Waite, David Noton, Joe Cornish, Jeremy Walker, and Jonathan Chritchley. In our newest video, hear what these professionals had to say about why LEE Filters is such an integral part of their photography! 

Contest Rules and Entry Form here.

NEW VIDEO from LEE Filters!  “The Big Stopper & Little Stopper”

Professional fine art photographer Jonathan Chritchley demonstrates how to get the most from LEE Filters’ Big Stopper and Little Stopper filters. In this video, we explore practical tips and creative inspiration for anyone exploring long exposure photography.

Be sure to check out the LEE Filters YOUTUBE channel for all of our lighting and photography videos!

XPOSURE- New Online Magazine from LEE Filters!

LEE Filters is proud to announce the release of the FIRST ISSUE of our Online Photographic Magazine, Xposure. Filled with stunning photographs, Xposure aims to provide guidance and tips to using photographic filters, while sharing intriguing insight from some of the top landscape photographers around the world. 

Some highlights from our first issue:

  • Influential photographer Colin Prior in the isolated and epic landscape of the Karakoram.
  • Craig Roberts goes urban and gets inspired.
  • Anatomy of a Landscape - three top photographers take apart their shots.
  • Composition Masterclass with Jonathan Chritchley.
  • And plenty more to whet your photographic appetite.

You can view the magazine online, or download the PDF version HERE

We’re excited to share this new venture with you. We hope you enjoy it! 

We love seeing the different ways people use our lighting filters. One recent example of this was an installation by Connor Robertson from Installate Design. 

Connor’ background in events and structural/civil engineering enabled him to create this geodesic skeleton structure made of 40 individual hollow perspex frames. Each panel is covered in a different coloured gel from LEE Filters. The panels in the structure can easily be replaced with any lightweight material to create infinite bespoke ideas from a dj booth to pop-up promo tent.

Connor chose LEE because of the vast range of colours available. He loved the way the quality of the light reinforced the visual importance of the design and that the vibrant colours he chose gave an impression of clean precision and beauty.

To see more of Connor’s work visit

A Behind the Scenes Look!

LEE Filters has been down in Cornwall, England with fine art photographer Jonathan Chritchley  filming a new video for the LEE Filters website.  Jonathan is known around the globe for his long exposure photography, so guess what filters we are showing in the new video?

A big thank you to Jonathan for a really enjoyable couple of days. The new video should be up on the Lee Filters website in a few weeks!


Good Things Come In Small Packages!

Due to the continuing success of the LEE Filters Photographic Range we are pleased to announce a selection of brand new products for 2014! 

With the overwhelming success of The LEE Big Stopper, we are excited to introduce the 6 Stop Little Stopper! The Little Stopper is available for both the 100mm System and the Seven5 Micro Filter System. 

Additionally, we have also added a new Deluxe Kit, as well as three new ND Filter sets for the Seven5 System; The Out Of TownSeascape and Urban Filter Sets. The ND Filter sets will also include our newly designed triple filter wrap which will hold the 3 filters and also doubles up as a cleaning cloth.




(Click on each image to enlarge) 

We are also very pleased to announce that we will shortly be introducing a new filter system called ‘The LEE Bug’, which is specifically designed to fit the GoPro® Hero3 & Hero3 Plus cameras.  The LEE Bug system will be available in the form of two different kits, Underwater and Action. We will inform you once this product is ready to be launched and available to order!

For more on all of LEE Filters’ new Photographic products, and to check out our entire range available, visit our site HERE

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