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LEE Filters is pleased to introduce the new ‘Think LEE’ brochure, which details our full range of Lighting Filters and Architectural products. The brochure is available to download via our website. This brochure replaces our previous ’Art of Light’ books with new and updated information! 

New Video from LEE Filters! Joe Cornish discusses The Polariser and ND Standard Filters.

LEE Filters Photographic Weekend Workshop

A big thank you to everyone who attended our recent photographic workshop weekend in Dorset. The workshop had a true international feel with people flying in from Sweden, Holland, Cyprus and Germany. It was great to see everyone having such a good time and getting some great images. We hope to be able to post some of them up soon.

Pic left to right: Thras Moraitis, Billy Lynn, Julie Hall, Peter Sturt (LEE Filters), Jeremy Walker (Workshop Leader) Sabine Backes, Johan Ekström, Thomas Tziortziotis

Due to popular demand LEE Filters is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Lighting Pack for our range of LED Filters.

The new LED to Tungsten Lighting Pack contains the full range of LED CTO Filters in sheet sizes 10” x 12” (250mm x 300mm).  Also included are two diffusion filters, which help soften the harsh light often associated with LED lighting.

The new packs are in stock and ready to order - please quote product code LEDTP.

*Please note: Stock will be available in the US in approx 2-4 weeks.

The Vision - The Art of Photography from idea to exposure.

We all know about the most important equipment needed for our craft; a Photographer’s Eye. The ability to see strong pictures in a multitude of situations is a fundamental skill to be nurtured, but actually we need to do better than that; on top of recognising the photographic potential in front of us there and then we need to be able to previsualise, predict and plan to be there camera in hand in the first place. It is rare to randomly stumble over the photographic opportunities we crave; somehow we need to improve our chances of being there, ready and waiting when the light is right. Where? What? How? That’s what The Vision is all about; the process that gives birth to a picture from the conception of an idea through to the point the shutter opens.

The Vision circumnavigates the globe as acclaimed writer and award-winning photographer, David Noton scrutinises in a detailed and logical progression how a successful photograph comes to be, from conception to exposure, and from Burma to Utah. Each Chapter examines the art of photography and takes you through the process from the spawning of an idea to the Decisive Moment when the shutter is opened.  Each chapter is interspersed with personal and witty diary entries from David’s travels along with photo essays and a Gallery that analyse how the photographs were achieved.

The way in which a photographer uses their eyes is fundamental and provides the primary message of this book, with an emphasis on inspiration, perception, composition, colour, light, the weather and planning. This book explains how to develop and nurture a photographic vision and contains:

  • Practical analysis and advice on how to translate photographic ideas into reality, accompanied by David’s striking photographs.
  • Core areas needed to create a clear vision, from coming up with the idea and finding the location to composition, weather and colour, ready for the ‘Decisive Moment’.
  • Personal journal entries, photo essays and a photo gallery further showcase David’s inspirational photography.
  • Diagrams as well as the finished photograph make it easy to see how the shot was achieved.

The Vision can purchased from is personally signed by David and comes with a free set of four landscape greetings cards.

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Mark Denton and the End of Summer

I’ve always thought of summer as my ‘downtime’ in photographic terms, tending to be tempted out only when thunderclouds billow above the Vale of York. But as September approaches and the children return to school (phew), the variety of colour begins to return to the Yorkshire Dales landscape. 

Here above Coverdale, close to home in Crakehall, a 105mm linear polarizer enhances a sky that is full of features. I am careful to use the filter sparingly, but it’s irresistible to get it out of the bag at moments like these.  


On the second shot of Penn Hill in Wensleydale, the polarizer had marginal effect, so best to leave it off it these circumstances, but I did use the 0.9ND hard grad, as I often do. The difference in brightness of the dark, end of summer greens and the sky is often more than you would first imagine, even when the land is lit by bright sunshine.

Both shots used an 81c warm up filter  to compensate for the Phase One sensor having a tendency towards the cold blue hues that our eyes filter out. 


Two years earlier I was on the other side of the Dales national park, shooting with Velvia 50, (hence the slight change in format) looking towards the Howgill Fells. A sublime little ‘mountain’ range that is mostly ignored by photographers and tourists alike.  With film I was pretty much using the same techniques with regards to filtering as I am today.  The techniques of capture have changed but Lee Filters remain constant.


Mark Denton is a renowned Landscape Photographer whose work can be seen in LEE FIlters “Inspiring Professionals” Books 1 & 2. For more on Mark, visit:

LEE Filters is proud to announce the New Adaptor Ring for the 100mm filters system to fit the Canon 17mm TS-E lens.

New Video from LEE Filters!  A practical guide to using Neutral Density Grads with landscape photographer Joe Cornish. Includes some advanced tips to balance the light and make the most of a landscape.

Check out our YouTube Channel HERE to watch all the videos from LEE Filters!

"In a photo made with a fisheye lens, the Tribute in Light rises above buildings in lower Manhattan, during a test, Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013 in New York. The light display commemorates the twin towers of the World Trade Center that were destroyed in terrorist attacks 12 years ago on Sept. 11, 2001." (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)


Renowned professional landscape photographer and avid LEE user Joe Cornish, discusses using the LEE Filters 100mm camera system and highlights its many components in this new video!

For more videos from LEE Filters, visit our YouTube Channel

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