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We love seeing the different ways people use our lighting filters. One recent example of this was an installation by Connor Robertson from Installate Design. 

Connor’ background in events and structural/civil engineering enabled him to create this geodesic skeleton structure made of 40 individual hollow perspex frames. Each panel is covered in a different coloured gel from LEE Filters. The panels in the structure can easily be replaced with any lightweight material to create infinite bespoke ideas from a dj booth to pop-up promo tent.

Connor chose LEE because of the vast range of colours available. He loved the way the quality of the light reinforced the visual importance of the design and that the vibrant colours he chose gave an impression of clean precision and beauty.

To see more of Connor’s work visit

A Behind the Scenes Look!

LEE Filters has been down in Cornwall, England with fine art photographer Jonathan Chritchley  filming a new video for the LEE Filters website.  Jonathan is known around the globe for his long exposure photography, so guess what filters we are showing in the new video?

A big thank you to Jonathan for a really enjoyable couple of days. The new video should be up on the Lee Filters website in a few weeks!


Good Things Come In Small Packages!

Due to the continuing success of the LEE Filters Photographic Range we are pleased to announce a selection of brand new products for 2014! 

With the overwhelming success of The LEE Big Stopper, we are excited to introduce the 6 Stop Little Stopper! The Little Stopper is available for both the 100mm System and the Seven5 Micro Filter System. 

Additionally, we have also added a new Deluxe Kit, as well as three new ND Filter sets for the Seven5 System; The Out Of TownSeascape and Urban Filter Sets. The ND Filter sets will also include our newly designed triple filter wrap which will hold the 3 filters and also doubles up as a cleaning cloth.




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We are also very pleased to announce that we will shortly be introducing a new filter system called ‘The LEE Bug’, which is specifically designed to fit the GoPro® Hero3 & Hero3 Plus cameras.  The LEE Bug system will be available in the form of two different kits, Underwater and Action. We will inform you once this product is ready to be launched and available to order!

For more on all of LEE Filters’ new Photographic products, and to check out our entire range available, visit our site HERE

New from LEE Filters! The ProGlass Series for the Seven5 System

With the increasing popularity of the ProGlass Filters for the LEE 100mm system, we’ve added the ProGlass filters to our newest Seven5 System.

When shooting digitally, light at the infrared and ultraviolet ends of the spectrum can be problematic. The ProGlass range of filters has been designed with this in mind. These glass neutral density filters are optimised for use with digital cameras, as they absorb more infrared and ultraviolet light than traditional ND filters. The result is a punchier image, with less discoloration in adverse lighting conditions.


The ProGlass ND filter is an extremely high quality glass ND standard filter optimised for use with digital cameras, but equally useful for film.

This new filter uses a surface coating made from evaporated metal, and therefore provides very even absorption across the visible spectrum and through the UV and Infra Red regions.

Two filters are currently available for sale. 

0.6 ProGlass ND Standard

A glass filter that reduces exposure by 2 stops  without affecting colour balance.


0.9 ProGlass ND Standard

A glass filter that reduces exposure by 3 stops  without affecting colour balance.


Click the images for more information! 

LEE Filters is a proud sponsor of the USA Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition. In this video, landscape photographer and organizer of the contest, Charlie Waite, discusses the details of this year’s competition, open to any photographer in the world, to photograph the beauty of America’s landscapes.

For more information, contest rules, and your chance to enter, visit HERE

Competition closes on April 17th. Good luck!  

LEE Filters has launched an exciting new function to our website!

Introducing Mood Boards! Mood boards, created with the help of renowned Lighting Designers, were created to spark ideas and possible colour palettes when designing. As always the overall effect of these colours isn’t predetermined and can be transformed in a myriad ways - placement of light source, the other colours being used, intensity, colours of scenery and costumes, and more. We offer these palettes as simply a nudge in the right direction. 

To find your inspiration, click HERE!

Ideally suited to photographers who wish to learn more about the use of filters, LEE Filters and leading Photographer Jeremy Walker have teamed up for a series of photographic workshops held in stunning locations around the UK, including Wales, Scotland and Dorset.

Each photographer attending the workshop will be given a comprehensive LEE System to use for the duration of the workshop. Members of LEE Filters’ technical staff will also be on hand to offer assistance and advice, and there will also be the opportunity to experiment with a wide selection of LEE filters under Jeremy’s watchful eye.

For locations, dates, and general information on upcoming workshops and your chance to attend one, click HERE! 

LEE Filters is a proud sponsor of the 2014 “USA Landscape Photographer of the Year” competition. With cash prizes totaling $10,000, it’s a exciting chance to have your photographs showcased in the US and Europe! For all contest details and your chance to enter, click HERE!

Good Luck!

New Video from LEE Filters! 

Professional Lighting Designer Declan Randall gives a practical guide to colour matching across LED and Tungsten lights. He demonstrates how the new LED filters from LEE can help control the marked differences in colour rendering.

LEE Filters is pleased to introduce the new ‘Think LEE’ brochure, which details our full range of Lighting Filters and Architectural products. The brochure is available to download via our website. This brochure replaces our previous ’Art of Light’ books with new and updated information! 

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