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"James Turrell, is an American artist working with light, colour and space and is one of the world’s leading artists in this field. He exhibits at many prestigious art museums around the world and has created permanent installations in 26 countries. Turrell is well known for conveying a sensation of infinite space through the way he presents colour and light in confined structures.

"Kulturforum Järna is proud to reopen a James Turrell exhibition spread out over our campus at the Baltic sea, south of Stockholm Sweden. For 2012 we will show the main pieces that James Turrell created in 2011; the installations shown include a permanent Skyspace, a walk-in-colour sculpture, a so called Ganzfeld (18 x 12 x 10 m), a Wedgework piece and most probably Bindu Shards, the groundbreaking one-person experience in a spherical chamber.” - via See Colour


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