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Noah Craft grew up in Minneapolis and spent several years in Duluth, MN. He became involved with lighting in high school, dabbling in design and the science behind light. He went on to earn a BFA in Theatrical Design/Tech with an emphasis in Lighting, Sound & Scenic Design from the University of MN, Duluth. Currently he resides in Chautauqua, NY, though has spent much of this year as a vagabond!

Noah was exposed to theater by his parents at a very young age. Thinking back, he believes the first show he saw was “A Christmas Carol” at the old Guthrie. “I try and see as much theater as possible these days both large and small scale. The last show I saw on Broadway was ‘American Idiot’ Noah said. As far as the most inspiring theater he’s seen? “Lieutenant of Inishmore’ at Renegade Theatre Co. in Duluth, MN and ‘Arms and the Man’ at the new Guthrie in Minneapolis, MN.”

Noah realized lighting design was a passion for him, and something that he was capable of when he was 15, after being thrown into lighting a dance festival. He quickly realized “the potential and beauty of light as an artistic medium and was hooked!”

Noah has become a regular attendee at both LDI & USITT over the past few years. He looks forward to “spending time with wonderful friends in the industry, exchanging ideas and insights, and networking with exciting new people.”

When we asked him what his favorite show to light has been, Noah said “I recently lit ‘The Sparrow’ with the Renegade Theatre Company in Duluth, MN. This new script, which had premiered at the House Theatre in Chicago a few years earlier, was a unique piece to light because of its exciting use of the supernatural. That combined with an exquisite cast and a design team that fostered innovative ways to put a huge show in a tiny space helped create some stunning and evocative stage pictures. LEE gel was used in almost all of the fixtures for this production. From the deep blues to the pale ambers, it worked wonders in helping create the visions that we trying to realize.”

Photos above, from The Sparrow

His favorite LEE color ? “L715. I also really love the clean blue white of L201 for some crisp, cool, cutting sidelight. It really helps me create strong contrast and make colors pop!”

As far as his dream job?   His short term goal would be to do the Light World Tour. He’s in the top 10. Check him out here:

His long terms goals? To emulate careers of his role models, like Jim Hutchinson. “As an entrepreneur and social kingpin, [Jim Hutchinson] has been a role model and guide for me. He is doing it right for 2011 and I really admire both that and his work as a designer” Noah explained.

Other designers he admires? “Kevin Adams is CLEARLY making a splash as far as theater goes. Chris Kuroda is making some gorgeous and fun art in the music industry with Phish namely.” Ultimately Noah would be happy if he “was able to make a living lighting and working with the great people in this industry, that’ll do for now. Eyes forward!”

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