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5 Cinematographers Lighting Up Screens In Recent Years

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Do you agree with these choices? Who else would you add to this list?

The awards are designed to showcase the artistic abilities of the next generation of filmmakers, with a focus on their cinematography skills.

LEE Filters was a proud sponsor the 26th Annual ASC Awards held in Los Angeles.

This years winners include Emmanuel Lubezki, for The Tree of Life, Jonathan Freeman for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Michael Weaver for Showtime’s Californication. Actor Harrison Ford was honored with the ASC Board of Governors Award in recognition of his tremendous body of work and contributions to the art of filmmaking.

Video footage of the awards is now available on the ASC website.

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Behind The Lens: John Carter

"Despite the high-profile 3D release of John Carter and the complex file-based workflow and post process, [Dan Mindel, ASC, BSC] is a true believer in 35-mm anamorphic capture. ‘I try very hard to persuade whomever I’m working with to allow me to shoot on film, and to shoot anamorphically,’ he states.

He felt strongly that those aberrations, along with the texture and grain that film brings, was essential to John Carter. ‘I wanted to deliver images that felt inherently realistic in spite of the fantastical creatures and the extensive digital-visual-effects technology behind them,’ he adds, employing Panavision Primo and C-series anamorphic lenses, and AWZ and ATZ Panavision zoom lenses throughout…”

-Via ICG Magazine

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Two Filmmakers Killed In Oz Chopper Crash: U.S. Cinematographer, James Cameron Exec

A 51-year-old Australian film/TV writer-producer and a 60-year-old American cinematographer died in a helicopter crash shortly after takeoff on the New South Wales south coast today. Oz news reports describe Andrew Wight as James Cameron’s ‘right-hand man’ in Melbourne and was piloting the craft with Santa Barbara-based Mike deGruy aboard. Wight was writer-producer of the most successful Australian movie of 2011, the 3D film Sanctum executive produced by Cameron, as well as general manager of Cameron’s first 3D production company outside the U.S., the Melbourne-based Cameron Pace. DeGruy specialized in underwater cinematography and had won multiple BAFTA and Emmy awards for his camera artistry. Wight was a diver/explorer whose Sanctum screenplay took in $100M worldwide at the box office and was based on his own near-death experience in an underwater cave. The pair were believed scouting locations for an upcoming project together said to be a documentary about Papua, New Guinea.

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Wanna Make A Film? Check these out!

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Came across this podcast series on cinematography called The Camera Report. If you’re a fan of the ASC’s podcasts this should be right up your alley. The last two episodes were on Haris Zambarlouke BSC who recently shot Thor and Bob Scott, Matthew Libatique’s camera operator for Cowboy’s & Aliens.

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