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We’re excited to announce the 2nd issue of LEE Filters’ online photography magazine, Xposure, is available now! Download it HERE!

Xposure Issue 02 Highlights include:

  • David Noton explains his new strategy after seismic changes in stock photography.
  • Long exposure workshop with Steve Gosling.
  • Sarah Alsayegh’s “rooftopper” view from the top of Kuwait’s skyscrapers.
  • Get close-up with David Ward in his Composition Masterclass.

Missed the first issue of Xposure? Download Issue #1 HERE!

The LEE Filters Field Pouch: Ensuring your filters are close to hand when you need them!

In the past keeping your filters easily accessible and safe has been challenging. Now with our new, sturdy Field Pouch your filters remain free of dirt and dust, but are close by when you need them.

Constructed from a tough and durable fabric that can stand up to wear and tear, the Field Pouch features a concertina design with one slot per filter (maximum of 10 filters). It’s an invaluable accessory that gives photographers freedom to respond quickly to rapidly changing conditions with the right filter

The Field Pouch is designed to be versatile with three handy strap options: Over the shoulder, through your belt loop, or attached to your tripod head!

(Available in black or sand.)

Photographer Karl Taylor stopped by the LEE Filters booth at Photokina for a look at our newly launched product, the Landscape Polariser!

Created in mind for use with wider angle lenses, the new slimline Landscape Polariser combines the quality and clarity of the standard LEE Filters polariser with the subtle enhancing characteristics of a warm-up filter. Not only does it allow the photographer to reduce reflections and intensify the contrast between blue skies and clouds, it also subtly boosts the green, gold and brown tones that so often characterise a landscape scene.

*Please note: This product was just launched at Photokina. More detailed information will be available soon.*

LEE Swatch App: New Dimming Previews

Today we released an update to our iPhone App that shows how each filter looks when you dim the source. This feature isn’t available anywhere else!

Tap on a colour swatch to see the filter on a source at 100%, 50% and 30% power (nominal colour temperature of 3200K, 2700K and 2000K respectively).

The upgrade also includes some additional professional Quick Start palettes and a number of minor improvements.

Upgrade for free on the App store, or buy the latest version today HERE!

Using both LEE Filters’ lighting and photography filters to create his work of art, photographer Karl Taylor shares a Behind the Scenes look into his incredible Hasselblad Photokina 2014 shoot.

Headed to Photokina this year? Be sure to come by the LEE Filters booth!

Follow acclaimed photographer Jeremy Walker through a LEE Filters workshop on location. Watch as he guides a student step-by-step through a variety of shots using a range of filters including LEE Hard and Soft ND Grads, the Big Stopper and several warm-up filters.

To learn more about these workshops click HERE.

Professional photographer Karl Taylor lends his popular portrait and landscape photography to our newest ad campaign. We’re excited to show off some of his recent work using LEE Filters photography range!

For more of Karl’s work, be sure to follow him on Facebook and visit his YouTube channel which is filled with specialized training videos and helpful photography tips.

LEE Filters is excited to announce that our wildly popular “Inspiring Professionals” books are now available as E-books!

All the same stunning photography, helpful advice, and insight into the creativity behind some of the world’s most famous landscape photographers is now available for ease on your iPad or Apple computer desktop (with iBooks app.)

Download "Inspiring Professionals 1" HERE

Download "Inspiring Professionals 2" HERE

Download a free chapter from the iBooks store to see what these incredible books have to offer! 

Silent Exchange is an exhibition of award-winning photography by one of the world’s most celebrated landscape photographers, Charlie Waite. LEE Filters was proud to co-sponsor this stunning exhibition.

LEE Swatch App: How To View Charts Full Screen

Have you had the chance to download the new LEE iPhone Swatch App yet? We want to make sure you get the most out of the app so we’re sharing some quick tips to help you familiarize yourself better with the app!

When you click any colour, we show a Sparkline chart with each colour’s details so you can quickly review the most important info on one screen, but if you want to see the chart bigger that’s easy!


LEE Swatch App: How to view charts full screen

1. Tap a colour you’ve selected to see the technical details.

2. Tap the chart to make it full screen.

3. You can scroll the colour swatch to cycle through charts quickly.

4. Tap the cross to close the big chart.

 Download the LEE Swatch App HERE

LEE Swatch App: Diffusion Finder

Have you had the chance to download the new LEE iPhone Swatch App yet? We want to make sure you get the most out of the app so we’re sharing some quick tips to help you familiarize yourself better with the app!

The basics of reviewing colours and making palettes are super-simple, but there’s also a lot of additional features we thought you’d find handy. Here’s another one.

 LEE Swatch App: Diffusion Finder

1. Tap a colour you’ve selected to see the technical details.

2. Tap the Toolbox icon…

3. …and select Diffusion Finder.

4. Use the + and - button to visualise the relative diffusion and find matching filters.

Don’t have the app yet? Download it HERE!

New Video from LEE Filters: A Seven5 City Shoot With Craig Roberts!

Craig Roberts spends a day in London with a highly portable Compact System Camera and the LEE Seven5 Filter System. In this video, Craig demonstrates how easy it is to get creative in a busy city environment and walks you through several shots in detail using LEE Filters!

For more videos from LEE Filters, check out our YouTube Channel!

Many congratulations to all the winners and runners up in the 2014 USA Landscape Photographer of the Year contest. As proud sponsors we were thrilled to be part of this contest which saw thousands of submissions from the USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe!

The USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 top prize was awarded to Nagesh Mahadev, with his 3 images “Light of the Wild”, Reynold’s Wrap” and “Soul of the Ancients.”

To learn more about the story behind each of these photographs, and to view all the other winning images in each of the other categories, click HERE!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. We applaud all your creativity and captivating photography!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest product, The LEE Bug for the GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+!

Robust, tough and compact,the LEE Bug for GoPro expands the creative capacity of this revolutionary little camera.

Capable of capturing high definition movies and still images where other cameras fear to tread, it’s not suprising the GoPro has an avid following among adventure sports afficianados.

The LEE Bug for GoPro gives photographers and filmmakers even wider scope for creativity and control with a sturdy holder and a range of high quality, optically correct filters.

Two Filter Kits are currently available, whether you choose to be shooting from the edge of a mountain or deep under the sea!

The Action Kit comes with the LEE Bug holder • 0.9 ND Grad (3 Stops) • High quality glass polariser • Protective pouch • Cleaning cloth.

The Underwater Kit comes with LEE Bug holder • Blue Water filter (red) • Green Water filter (magenta) • Protective pouch • Cleaning cloth

Both filter sets are available for both the GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+!

To learn more, click HERE!

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