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We love seeing the different ways people use our lighting filters. One recent example of this was an installation by Connor Robertson from Installate Design. 

Connor’ background in events and structural/civil engineering enabled him to create this geodesic skeleton structure made of 40 individual hollow perspex frames. Each panel is covered in a different coloured gel from LEE Filters. The panels in the structure can easily be replaced with any lightweight material to create infinite bespoke ideas from a dj booth to pop-up promo tent.

Connor chose LEE because of the vast range of colours available. He loved the way the quality of the light reinforced the visual importance of the design and that the vibrant colours he chose gave an impression of clean precision and beauty.

To see more of Connor’s work visit

New Video from LEE Filters!  A practical guide to using Neutral Density Grads with landscape photographer Joe Cornish. Includes some advanced tips to balance the light and make the most of a landscape.

Check out our YouTube Channel HERE to watch all the videos from LEE Filters!

Cameraman Robin Lambert looks at the various types of LEE Diffusion Filters and explains how to make the most of them in this new video from LEE Filters. Useful tips, advice, and examples for diffusions, frosts and flexi-frosts are discussed.

For more videos from LEE Filters, check out our YouTube Channel Here!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we want to know… 

Which LEE Filters Color do you think represents the holiday best?!

Happy 166th Birthday to Thomas Edison!

"New York’s Grand Central Terminal celebrated its 100th birthday last Friday and, to celebrate, delighted commuters and tourists with a surprise light show.

More than 100 Improv Everywhere participants, equipped with LED flashlights and camera flashes, dazzled on-lookers along three floors of the grand windows.” - Via Mashable

The incandescent phase out has begun in the US. Under federal law, 100 Watt & 75 Watt bulbs can no longer be produced or imported as of January 1st, 2013, though retailers can still sell any remaining stock. The next phase out begins January 2014 with the 60 Watt & 40 Watt bulbs.

Many light bulb manufacturers are making the switch to energy efficient bulbs a bit easier with handy tools such as THIS.


Reflective Fractal Buildings by Carsten Witte

Peering into the glass facades of skyscrapers looming ominously overheard can be a bit like gazing into a crystal ball: if you look at it when the light hits it in just the right spot, you might see something that’s usually not there… the future, the fairest maiden of them all, or the eye of Sauron. Carsten’s reflective photography stares back at you, its glass panes contorting reality and the undulating cityscapes surrounding it.

Photog: Behance / Website / Twitter

(via luminarystudies)

“Light can be gentle, dangerous, dreamlike, bare, living, dead, misty, clear, hot, dark, violet, springlike, falling, straight, sensual, limited, poisonous, calm and soft.”

— Sven Nykvist (pictured here with Ingmar Bergman)

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"Located in Kuwana City (Mie Prefecture) is Nabano No Sato, a flower-focused park featuring sprawling gardens and giant greenhouses. Running annually from mid November to mid March is one of Japan’s finest Winter Illuminations, including the famous tunnel of light.” - VIA


Big Brother is sensing you.

The LightCollector is a Lighting inspiration photo app that allows lighting designers, architects, interior designers and others to inspire and be inspired by collecting and sharing images of light.

All types of light – architectural, artificial, special effect or natural lighting are covered.  Creating your own galleries, following those whose design skills you admire, sharing your work, uploading your inspiring images and finding out what’s interesting near you are some of the key functions of this app. The app is supported by a web-site with similar functionality. You can find the web-site at aims to be the world’s most inspiring collection of light related imagery.


Pablo Valbuena

Architecture, art and design meet in the work by Pablo Valbuena who manipulates our perceptions of space with light sculptures.

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Need to figure out how much light you need for a specific stop, frame rate or ISO? This basic formula will help you figure out the answer… in your head!

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