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Behind The Lens: John Carter

"Despite the high-profile 3D release of John Carter and the complex file-based workflow and post process, [Dan Mindel, ASC, BSC] is a true believer in 35-mm anamorphic capture. ‘I try very hard to persuade whomever I’m working with to allow me to shoot on film, and to shoot anamorphically,’ he states.

He felt strongly that those aberrations, along with the texture and grain that film brings, was essential to John Carter. ‘I wanted to deliver images that felt inherently realistic in spite of the fantastical creatures and the extensive digital-visual-effects technology behind them,’ he adds, employing Panavision Primo and C-series anamorphic lenses, and AWZ and ATZ Panavision zoom lenses throughout…”

-Via ICG Magazine

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Owen Roizman, ASC, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

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Lighting for History: Shooting ‘J.Edgar’

Click picture for full interview with Tom Stern, ASC, AFC.

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