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Daniel Buren: Vitrage pour Sainte Marie (2012)

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(via sunfishandstars)

Sponsored by Nemetschek Vectorworks, City Theatrical and Field Template, and organized by Stage Directions and, the third annual competition will give an amazing prize package (it includes a professional license of Vectorworks Spotlight 2013 with Renderworks software, a personal license of Lightwright 5, a single license of Field Template SoftSymbols V3.5, a copy of Light Plot Deconstructed by Gregg Hillmar and a copy of the forthcoming Entertainment Design: Scenery, Lighting, and Sound with Vectorworks Spotlight by Kevin Lee Allen and more) to one college student for their outstanding lighting design


Reflective Fractal Buildings by Carsten Witte

Peering into the glass facades of skyscrapers looming ominously overheard can be a bit like gazing into a crystal ball: if you look at it when the light hits it in just the right spot, you might see something that’s usually not there… the future, the fairest maiden of them all, or the eye of Sauron. Carsten’s reflective photography stares back at you, its glass panes contorting reality and the undulating cityscapes surrounding it.

Photog: Behance / Website / Twitter

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What 80’s baby doesn’t want this tetris (re-stackable) LED desk lamp? 



So Kevin Day photographed the same tree over a period of 5 years! Check out his Flickr set and see how everything but the tree changes..

The Same Tree Photographed for 5 Years Straight

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It’s not often that you hear that Apple and Google—both fighting for utter smartphone dominance—have teamed up on anything, but reports from Bloomberg say it’s the case. And they’re both going in on a half a billion dollars worth of Kodak patents. via

The LightCollector is a Lighting inspiration photo app that allows lighting designers, architects, interior designers and others to inspire and be inspired by collecting and sharing images of light.

All types of light – architectural, artificial, special effect or natural lighting are covered.  Creating your own galleries, following those whose design skills you admire, sharing your work, uploading your inspiring images and finding out what’s interesting near you are some of the key functions of this app. The app is supported by a web-site with similar functionality. You can find the web-site at aims to be the world’s most inspiring collection of light related imagery.


Pablo Valbuena

Architecture, art and design meet in the work by Pablo Valbuena who manipulates our perceptions of space with light sculptures.

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Need to figure out how much light you need for a specific stop, frame rate or ISO? This basic formula will help you figure out the answer… in your head!

A time capsule of human existence to orbit the earth for billion years to come…

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